Garden Climate

Like all creatures plants adapt to particular environments. To survive trees and perennials must tolerate year-round changes in their local climate. That includes heat, cold, sun, rain, wind, and the growing season. Quoting a student essay, Mark Twain once said, “Climate lasts all the time and weather only a few days.” Those few days matter. […]


Cleaning Painted Walls

Most of us take a reasonable amount of pride in the way our property looks. The truth is, even if we are living in a rental property, if it doesn’t look halfway decent, the odds are pretty good that we will want to do something about it. Although the likelihood is greater than a homeowner […]


Style An Urban Patio Garden

Transform your patio from a spartan space into a lush urban oasis! Even a very small patio can be styled with beautiful, environmentally-friendly and edible plants and fun furniture. Use native plants. Native plants thrive in your climate, reducing the need for care and watering. When planning your space, take note of the sunlight hours […]


How To Know If Your Garden Plants Need More Water

Most plants are composed of 80 to 95% water, needed for cell division and enlargement and to help keep the plant from wilting. Water carries nutrients throughout the plant and also helps to dissolve fertilizer and aid in photosynthesis. Most garden plants need about an inch of water per week. In hotter weather, plants need […]


How To Display Personal Items In Your Family Room

Adult homeowners typically take pride in their lifetime accomplishments and those of their children. As a result of this sense of achievement, they want to decorate their home in such a way as to let visitors know about important events and milestones that happened in the past. One of the easiest ways to offer guests […]


A Guide To Front Garden Design

We often create beautiful backyard gardens, but it is the front of our home and front gardens that everyone will see. It is important to create curb appeal and interest, while at the same time keeping a tidy look that is also not a lot to maintain. Front gardens need to remain usable, because the […]

Interior Design

A Guide To Front Garden Design

We often create beautiful backyard gardens, but it is...
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How To Decorate A Teens Room

When a child gets into their teens they want...
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How To Decorate A Loft

Uncommon Space A loft space presents distinct concerns for...
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How To Decorate A Dining Room

Getting just the right decorations for your room or...
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